Getting Grounded – Some Techniques

It’s very easy to become ungrounded in our lives. To me, being ungrounded means your mind and spirit are living away from your body, which in more extreme forms is called dissociating. As a child, dissociating was a trauma response for me. The physical world around me was too painful and harsh, and I spent most of my time tucked away, far away from myself. I feel dissociating very common for many of us, whether experiencing PTSD or not. Thankfully, there are many excellent grounding techniques that can help us return to our bodies and live our lives fully. Here are a few I love. Stay tuned for a You Tube video about this in the near future!

Grounding Techniques I love:

  • Feeling my feet on the floor
  • Walking barefoot in nature (aka my yard!)
  • Visualizing tree roots reaching from my feet and seat all the way to the center of the earth
  • Taking long, deep breaths
  • Moving slowly and deliberately

If you are feeling ungrounded and far from your daily life, take some time to be gentle with yourself and get grounded. What are you favorite grounding techniques?

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