Bringing Who You Are into your Daily Life

After I had a beautiful experience of the Divine, the daily world seemed really awful. I didn’t like it. I wanted to leave it. I could not see all the beauty of God in the world around me. Over time, I’ve learned to see beyond appearances into the divine light within – most of the time. OK, a lot of the time. At least, definitely more than some of the time! I’ve also gotten better at connecting to love and God in my heart and bringing that into my world instead of letting the world overtake me. 

Learning to keep this experience of God in my life alive has been a long climb, and I still work on it every day. I still struggle with understanding how such beauty and love can exist and not always be found around us. I still struggle with understanding how people can harm one another after seeing all the love they truly are beneath it all. 

But I know that we are love. And I have come to believe that the best way of keeping that love lit up is to bring it into my own life each day. I can’t wait for the world to learn to love. I have to be that every day for myself and for those around me. Then I can keep that experience rippling out into the world. You are love, and I am love, and all we are is love. I wish you a chance to be love for yourself and for others today.

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