I am That

At the workshop this past weekend, Neale taught us about a neat exercise to try. I can take no credit for it! In fact, his unnamed friend taught him this exercise, so even Neale can’t take credit for it. Here’s how it goes.

Wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, experience the truth of your oneness with all things by looking at everything around you and saying “I am that.” This includes people, animals, plants, and even objects. Walking down the street, look at the tree, and in your mind say, “I am that.” Passing by each person, say to yourself, “I am that.” Passing a car, a bicycle, a parking meter, say “I am that.”

Since I’ve learned this exercise, I’ve been practicing it in particular with people around me, especially people I might disagree with. It’s so helpful and beautiful. I find my heart opening and softening as I remind myself that “I am that.” Try it. I’d love to hear how it affects you, too!

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