We are All Holy

My experience of God really threw me for a loop when it first happened, in many ways. Namely, I had to overcome the lessons I was taught growing up that only special people communicate with God, and that only certain people can really make contact with God. I had to move past a lot of mental constructs to come to the truth that we are all part of God, and that God communicates with all of us, all the time. Sometimes God communicates in big ways, but most of the time, God communicates in small whispers. Mostly, God communicates with you in the way that you understand best. 

I was not raised to believe that God could communicate with many people. I was raised to believe that there were a few special people in the Bible that God could communicate with. It all seemed so far away and not relevant to our daily world. I now believe, because of my experience and because of the lessons I’ve learned, that God is within all of us, helping all of us, all the time, and that God loves all of us. 

When I first had my experience, there was light infusing everyone and everything around me. I remember looking at the people I passed in awe at how beautiful and filled with light they were. Everyone glowed with the same light I had seen over my bed.

We are all part of God’s light. We are all part of God’s love. When we act on that love within, we create a beautiful world. The chance is always there.

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