Setting Your Intention

Learning how to set your intention for the things you do is a vital aspect of healing. Setting your intention means being aware of and intentional about why doing the things in your life. Are you doing them for fame, glory and money? Are you doing them for healing, love, and peace? Or a mix of both? Or something else?

Part of why my healing journey started out so strong was because I was truly just desperate to heal and to feel my heart. I was lost and hurting. I wasn’t looking to become spiritual or to see auras and angels. I think many of us begin the journey that way, and that intention is so powerful.

Along the way, though, it’s been important for me to continue to keep that intention in mind. I find I am much more effective in my writing and healing work when I focus on my humble, hurting, lost heart and what helped me. It’s easy to get away from that, especially since I’ve started sharing my story. I’m excited when people read my blog or when I’ve gotten new followers (hello people! hi!), but that can’t be and shouldn’t the sole purpose of my writing. 

My intention here is to heal myself and others by sharing my story. When I stay focused on that, I know I am going the right direction. What are your intentions for your life? For your dreams? For your big projects? Write them down and speak them aloud. I believe in you.

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