Being OK with Change

It can be hard to change. When you are on a healing path, you may be called to change quite a bit from the person you were last year, last week, or even yesterday. As you move into greater alignment with your heart, you may also feel called to make changes to support your evolving vision of yourself.

These changes may take the form of a new habit, or a new job, or a change in your relationship with another person. Over the years as I’ve healed, I’ve made so many changes in my life. Sometimes these changes made me feel embarrassed – what would other people think of me? I made some big changes in my career and also in my relationships. I’ve ended relationships that didn’t work when I felt very called to, and that was tough for both people. I’ve also completely shifted career courses to a career that was more in alignment with my dreams and desire to give back to others. Even writing this blog represents a big change from the self I show to the world around me.

Yet all of these changes in the outer world have had an inception with my heart. They feel like inner callings, and they all begin from within. The change in the outer world is just a continuation of my inner reality. Every time I have changed, life adjusts accordingly and catches up. And besides, it helps me to know that everyone around me is also going through their own changes. It’s the nature of life. 

I hope today gives you a chance to make positive changes to live more in alignment with your heart! Wishing you a happy day.

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