I am That

At the workshop this past weekend, Neale taught us about a neat exercise to try. I can take no credit for it! In fact, his unnamed friend taught him this exercise, so even Neale can’t take credit for it. Here’s how it goes.

Wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, experience the truth of your oneness with all things by looking at everything around you and saying “I am that.” This includes people, animals, plants, and even objects. Walking down the street, look at the tree, and in your mind say, “I am that.” Passing by each person, say to yourself, “I am that.” Passing a car, a bicycle, a parking meter, say “I am that.”

Since I’ve learned this exercise, I’ve been practicing it in particular with people around me, especially people I might disagree with. It’s so helpful and beautiful. I find my heart opening and softening as I remind myself that “I am that.” Try it. I’d love to hear how it affects you, too!

Healing and Politics

Though this is not a political blog, it’s hard to separate politics from healing when there seems to be so much need for healing in our current political climate. No matter what country you live in, there seem to be so many issues rearing their heads, from nationalism, to economic inequality, to anti-immigrant policies. And yet, each day there is something to celebrate. Each day people are still fighting for the good. And each day is a chance for me to remember that the greatest shift happens within. 

What if all politicians and all people came to realize that there is only one of us? That would pretty quickly solve a lot of our problems. If we saw ourselves in everyone else we would never be able to hurt other people, leave them starving, try to kick them out of our country, and worse. I truly do believe healing and developing one’s consciousness is one of the most important steps we can take to further the human race. There is only one of us.

I was not raised to believe that there is only one of us. I was raised to see separation and competition, even in my own small life on this planet. As I healed, I had very profound experiences of seeing other people, completely random other people, even everyone I encountered, as being fully human, full of light, and my siblings. Those experiences are not easy to forget. Would that every person could see the full humanness of each of us. We would heal our planet much more quickly than we have been.