“Nothing in the life you lead is real, save your relationship with Me.”

Conversations with God

I sometimes find myself feeling down after reading about the environment, something about which I care deeply. It’s hard not to. We are in the midst of a mass extinction of species, the rainforests keep getting cut down, and there is plastic all over the ocean. I would love to be able to fix all of these issues overnight, and while I do my part, I am just one person of many. In these times it helps me to remember that these issues are merely the result of actions by humans – it is a cause and effect. It feels hopeless and almost condemned, but I know we can begin to heal and fix this. Happily, many places and people are beginning to. It’s not all doom and gloom, and there are glimmers of hope if one only looks. (Here are a few links to see some positive environmental news: and

In times of sadness about our physical world, it also helps me to remember the quote I referenced above. This world truly is a shadow of the spiritual world. We can work to help heal ourselves and the environment knowing that God is eternal, and cannot be harmed.

Walking Gently on the Earth

Take time today to step softly on the earth. The earth holds so much and is going through powerful changes. How can we honor her? This is not just about doing the right thing as it pertains to the environment. It means developing a completely new way of approaching nature. It means learning to respect nature. It means beginning to see the holiness within nature. It means living as part of an ecosystem and respecting the lives of all within it.

In my society, in the world in which I was raised, the earth was here to be exploited. I never noticed trees with awe or appreciated birds and animals as creatures of God. Yes, I enjoyed nature as a kid would, climbing trees and playing outside, and of course, we loved our pets. However, my experience with God and my time spent with my stepfather brought me into a completely new appreciation of nature. Nature is holy and is best seen through the eyes of the heart. 

After my experience with God, the natural world around me came alive. I began sensing the spiritual side of nature and could more easily connect with the trees and the animals. I had several powerful experiences of nature, including seeing a green aura around a tree before it fell over and died. It really took me by surprise! It took some time to understand, but I eventually came to realize that nature is as alive as you and me, and that it comes from God. 

I hope that wherever you live, you can have a chance in some way to connect with nature today, whether it is being in a forest, watering a plant, or appreciating the light of the sun. When I am still, I imagine a world in which all people respect nature. I imagine that our waterways are clean, our animals are cared for, and that everyone has access to healthy soil, water, and green places. We are part of the natural world, too.