Angelic Guidance

Since I had my Big Experience of God, I sometimes have fallen into the trap of believing every spiritual experience I have has to be very Big, Dramatic, and fundamentally Life-Changing. That’s just not the case. After I had that experience, or series of experiences, I’ve found that most of the guidance I receive from angels is soft, gentle, and sometimes hard to miss. But it’s there. And when I pay attention, I know my angels are with me. They are with you, too.

I believe each person born is a part of God, a light that comes from the big light. And when we’re born in the physical world, we undergo a kind of amnesia that makes us forget where we come from. Thankfully, I believe we each have a group of angels around us to help guide us back to ourselves. They are always helping us, and when we connect our hearts to the Big Heart of God, we can feel their love and help. 

They are ready to help everyone. If you are reading these words, I believe that your angels are wanting to make themselves known to you. No, I was not raised to believe this way. Yes, if you’re anything like I was 15 years ago, I would think I was crazy. But I’ve seen it in my life again and again and again and…again. The angels are with you to help you fulfill your heart’s purpose. 

One of the most dramatic experiences I had with what I believe was an angel was when I got Carbon Monoxide poisoning several years ago. I had the heater on in my small cabin I was living in at the time, but it was letting out more gas than it was supposed to. When my alarm clock went off that morning I felt literally pushed out of my bed running. As I ran to the bathroom (for no reason I knew), I turned off the heater. I then fell down, having no oxygen in my muscles. I laid on the ground unable to move for ten minutes, but slowly, the air dissipated and I was able to move my body. When I went to the hospital, they told me I was about a minute from death.

There is no other explanation to me why I felt pushed out of the bed running. I really believe my angels were with me that morning, as they are all the time. 

Connect with your angels today by opening your heart and quieting your mind. They are here to help and guide you, because you are a beloved child of God.

Connecting to your Guides and Angels

I’ll admit, when I first approached this area in my own healing journey, I scoffed and judged the idea completely. Spirit guides? Angels around us? That sounded ridiculous and impossible to a “smart” person like me. And yet, I’ve come around to the other side and realized I was wrong, primarily because of my own experiences. 

When I first had my experience of God, I felt angels around me very strongly. They felt very loving, very gentle, and very wise. Without the guidance of several people, especially my stepfather, I would have decided I was very seriously schizophrenic and dismissed it all. And yet, connecting with the angels only helped me to live a happier, more loving, and more joyful life. In that way, my “insanity” became practical, because it was helpful to me and to others and made me a better person. 

Since that time, I’ve practiced and worked on ways to stay in touch with my guides and angels. I truly believe they are with us all the time, gently guiding us as nudges in our hearts and timely messages from the universe. I also believe that they can only help us when we reach out to them. They have to be asked – they will not interfere in our lives unless invited because of the law of free will. 

How can we invite them? Everyone has different methods. What works for me is simple prayer, asking the angels to be with me as well as thanking them for being with me. Time spent in quiet meditation helps a lot. I also love to do visualizations. I have a small place where I go in my mind to meet my angels and guides and communicate with them. I trust the guidance I receive from them, because I’ve learned through many, many, many trials and errors that my life always works out better when I follow my inner guidance and the helpful hints from my angels.

One thing I’ve learned, though, is that angels cannot live our lives for us. You are here to live out your soul’s destiny. They can help guide you, but the path is yours.