Being Kind

Being kind to others is a gift we give to the world. Small kindnesses can add up to a lot in a world that can be painful or unfair. I love to perform “random acts of kindness,” but I also practice being kind to everyone I meet – when possible. Sometimes when I’m stressed or processing something I’m less able to focus on bringing kindness to others. But the majority of the time, I practice sharing kindness with others by being present, genuine, and attentive. I smile from my heart and look each person I meet in the eye, seeing past external appearances in the essence of each person. Sometimes I have paid for tolls or lunches. It’s a fun way to live.  


Sharing your stories, triumphs, and pain is a vital part of life and of healing. For many of us, it can be hard to share intimately with others, especially if one is overcoming trauma or past betrayals. However, sharing in the safety of friends and your support system can be very meaningful and heart-opening.

Sharing is something I work on, not just with this blog, but with my friends and family. I love to be the “good listener” who is always there to hear my friends’ problems and provide support, but it eventually becomes unbalanced. I will spend all my time listening and none of my time telling another person about how I’m doing. Sometimes my desire to be a good friend and listener also stems from my fear of sharing my own pain and heart with others. My best friend knows this about me and always catches me trying to evade her questions about my life. She won’t let me squirm out of answering!

It can be empowering to be share your truth and your story in the company of people who truly care about you,  Those who care should want to hear about you. When you’ve found the people you can share your truth with, go for it, and don’t hide it. You may help them in the telling. You will definitely help yourself! As the saying goes, “a trouble shared is a trouble halved, a joy shared is joy doubled.”