Allowing Others to Change

When someone has hurt us in the past, it is easy to hold those painful memories in our minds about what that other person has done. But what if that person changes? We can give them the great gift of letting those old mental pictures go. We can let them be their new selves by seeing the highest good in them. 

I am actively practicing letting old memories of others go by centering my heart in love and shrugging off painful past moments. I am seeing them as they are in this moment, and embracing the new vision they have of themselves. I can see a new way. I can help them, and myself, on the path towards love by releasing moments held in the past. 

The person I’m most working on this with right now is my mom. She has made major and drastic changes in her life since I was a child and has actively healed herself. And yet, my child mind often clings to those old painful moments from childhood. When I ground myself into the present and open my heart while maintaining healthy boundaries, I can see the new person my mom has become. I can release old past hurts like cleaning dust out of the attic. I let the light back in for both of us.