Letting Nature Guide You

As I write to you, I’m sitting outside in our pocket of the city, listening to birds begin their chirping and watching the sunlight begin to brighten the sky. Though we live in an industrial city, I’m grateful for the pocket of nature we’ve created for ourselves. It’s never far from my mind that this land was once a forest populated by First Peoples who lived in greater harmony with the land. Though I live in this now-industrial city in a capitalistic society, nature is still here. Nature comes from God. Following the breath of nature puts us in touch with the heart of God.

Growing up, I did not know how out of touch I was with nature until I learned how to be in touch with it. My stepdad in particular taught me so much about being in touch with trees and all things growing, and how to have a true respect for the land. He taught me about the four directions, plants to eat and use, how to plant seeds with care and love, and how to care for and be in touch with the earth. Until that time I had such a profound disconnection from nature that mirrored my disconnection from myself and my heart. 

Environmental news these days can be devastating, but it is not the end. We are still here. We still have a chance each day to connect and care for nature. If you live in a city, is there are park nearby? Can you visit public lands? Plant beautiful houseplants? I find the most effective connection I make to nature is when I care for the small land around me by gardening and looking after the birds that make their homes in the trees around us. Let nature guide you by spending time in whatever natural habitat you can get to. You will feel your heart open and your breath slow. Nature comes from God. Nature heals. 

Healing and Politics

Though this is not a political blog, it’s hard to separate politics from healing when there seems to be so much need for healing in our current political climate. No matter what country you live in, there seem to be so many issues rearing their heads, from nationalism, to economic inequality, to anti-immigrant policies. And yet, each day there is something to celebrate. Each day people are still fighting for the good. And each day is a chance for me to remember that the greatest shift happens within. 

What if all politicians and all people came to realize that there is only one of us? That would pretty quickly solve a lot of our problems. If we saw ourselves in everyone else we would never be able to hurt other people, leave them starving, try to kick them out of our country, and worse. I truly do believe healing and developing one’s consciousness is one of the most important steps we can take to further the human race. There is only one of us.

I was not raised to believe that there is only one of us. I was raised to see separation and competition, even in my own small life on this planet. As I healed, I had very profound experiences of seeing other people, completely random other people, even everyone I encountered, as being fully human, full of light, and my siblings. Those experiences are not easy to forget. Would that every person could see the full humanness of each of us. We would heal our planet much more quickly than we have been.

Seeing the Good

I admit that sometimes it is hard to see the good in people and things around us. We live in a beautiful world that is also full of pain, hardship, and suffering. Is it trite or even cruel to see the good when we know others are suffering? In my own life, I have found it’s always good to see the good, not in order to deny the bad or difficult, but to allow the good to grow.

I would not have healed if everyone around me were only seeing the negative in the world. I needed visionaries who could see past pain and see beauty and love in me, and in the world around me. I held onto those people’s conceptions until I could walk into them too. These people saw love in me, where I saw sadness and woundedness. They saw meaning in my trauma, where I saw chaos. It is possible to see good in the world. It is also possible to be honest about the areas of your life and our world that need healing and attention. They aren’t mutually exclusive.

Seeing the good for me truly comes from a place of being in touch with God and love in my heart. I clear away the clutter of my mind and my thoughts and sit in that place of peaceful love. There, things are at peace, and I am at peace. It’s easier to see the good from there and easier to allow it to grow. I believe the world and all people are basically good. It comes from the heart.

Raising Your Vibration

To live in a high vibration means to be connected to your true heart- to love, joy, and peace. When I think of raising my vibration I think of times when I’ve felt very happy and free. It didn’t have much to do with my external surroundings. It mostly had to do with how much I was connecting my heart to the heart of God, and how much I was letting go of behaviors and thought patterns that distanced me from that peace.

The truth of you, your soul and essence, already lives at a high vibration. How can you connect to your original God self? Different things work for different people. It always helps me to pray and meditate. It helps me to get an energy healing. There are many people in my daily life who don’t believe in energy healing. I simply like to think of it as a shower for your energetic body. You get dirt and grime on yourself and take a shower. Likewise, you can get emotional and energetic buildup from all kinds of things in your daily world and need a Reiki treatment or energy healing. They can be so powerful and have truly helped me on many points of my journey. Aside from prayer, meditation and energy healing, it helps me to pay attention to any unhealthy thought patterns and let them go. It also helps me to eat healthy, “clean” foods as much as possible.

Living from a high vibration can feel amazing. It can put you in touch with who you’re meant to be, and who you truly are. In our world that can seem so far from peace, it can also help build peace. Your connection to source and love can also help others connect to their own source and love. I wish you a high vibration of love today and every day. 

Being Still

Can you find times in your day to be still? It can be an enormous undertaking when you are living in the modern world. Being still allows peace to enter. Being still allows you to hear the “still, small voice.” Being still means putting away your smart phone and screens and televisions and distractions. Being still means being brave enough to sit in silence and accept the truth of who you are. 

Pre-healing Rebecca ran and ran and ran. I joined things and did things and added many things to my schedule and life. I was afraid to be still. I was afraid to know myself. And yet, when I finally gave myself the space to be still and truly heal, I learned there was nothing to be afraid of. I didn’t have to be so scared. I thought the world would end if I was still enough to honor my true self, and yet the world didn’t end – it truly began.

Being still doesn’t mean you have stop doing all the things you need to do in your life. I know that in times of financial hardship I’ve had to work extremely hard to make ends meet and pay bills, and that didn’t really lend itself to being still very often. Neither does being a mother, a working mother, or any other kind of human. And yet, there is still time. Is there one minute in your day to be still? Stop running and doing and being all things to all people. Meet yourself in the stillness. Meet yourself in the peace. Give yourself the gift of being still. Being still will let you know who you are. 

Healing the Heart

What does it mean to listen to one’s heart? I write about listening to my heart often because it’s a huge part of how I healed. It can be very hard to listen to your heart in this world. Since we were children, many people taught us not to listen to our hearts. Adults around us – teachers, parents, babysitters –  nudged or pushed us to conform to this world and stop following our natural inclinations. How can we learn to listen to our hearts again when we’ve been so conditioned to ignore them? 

An important first step is getting quiet and still for more than just a few moments. It helps to sit still for a while, if you can. Eventually, you will begin to feel the still, small voice within. At first it may seem faint, and you may not be sure if it’s really your heart or not, but if you keep listening, it will grow, and it will guide and heal you. Alternately, in times of great need and even crisis, without having to get still, you will also find guidance there.

What if you’re not sure which one is your inner voice? I’ve been unsure about my true inner voice many, many, many times. It can be so hard and confusing sometimes! Your inner voice, or your heart, will lead you to love and peace and oneness with others. It will not guide you to do anything that will harm yourself or anyone else. It will guide you towards healing yourself. When I’m having a difficult time discerning which one my inner voice is, it helps to practice getting still and meditating even more than normal. It also helps me to practice writing. Everyone will have their own tool, and you have to just experiment to find out which one is right. Of course, it also helps to pray and ask God and your angels for help.

Healing your heart is the most exciting journey you will ever take. It will bring you to truth and to peace, and will lead you to finding fulfillment and joy just by being yourself. Trust in the greatness of God and in your holy creation, and you will heal. Follow the thread of your heart to true healing and lasting love. Don’t give up!

Learning to Love

In the years after my trauma, I did not know how to love myself or other people. I surrounded my heart with protective steel walls. No one could hurt me if I couldn’t feel anything. It felt safe, but it led to me hurting other people, and to me feeling sad and emotionally numb. I was still myself, but I wasn’t connected to the world or people around me. To look at pictures of me from that time, I still seem like myself, and I’m sure if you asked my friends from that time if I seemed cold, numb or depressed, they may not have noticed. But I noticed. It was a learned way of being that I’ve thankfully mostly unlearned.

How did I learn to love? It’s taken a long time and it’s happened in many ways over many years. My biggest shift occurred when I began healing myself by trying to feel my heart. I began listening as closely as possible to my internal guidance. I felt my heart guiding me and I started really listening to it. After my trauma, I did not listen to my heart. My heart was hurting so much, and I had been told it was my fault. I did everything I could not to listen to myself. It helped me to do well at school and succeed in the physical world around me, but it did not help me heal or feel happy.

It also helped me to learn about alternative modes of healing. Finding a trusted healer helped me immensely. I also learned about the spiritual side of life, and the concept of God, angels, and unseen helpers that are with us throughout our lives. Once I opened the door a little bit, I received so much help from the other side.

It also helped to have my family structure shift. My parents, who had been in an unhappy relationship for years, finally divorced, and my mom remarried my stepdad. He saw the good side in me, one my parents had never been able to see until then, and it really changed my life.

To sum it up, the main things that have helped me learn to feel love again have been (1) listening closely to my heart, (2) opening my life up to God & the angels, and (3) having supportive people in my life. If you’re not sure how to open your life up to God, it’s ok. I didn’t really believe in that when I started. You can just say a small prayer and ask God and your angels for help. I really believe it works.

Learning to love is a journey that is unique to you. I hope some of the things I’ve learned along the way can help you find some ideas for your own path. It is possible to love again. Wishing you love today and always.