Be Patient

It can be hard to wait for things to come to fruition after working hard for them. It’s not always easy to see how or if your dreams are coming true. I believe that there is a greater plan at work that we can’t always perceive with our human senses. Be patient and keep swimming. If you’ve done your part, the seeds will begin to grow. You can’t always see the heights they will grow to when they have just begun to sprout. Be patient and steadfast.


If there is something your heart truly desires, trust that it will be made manifest in your life. This desire, this soul urge, comes from your heart, which comes from God. You may not be able to plan the circumstances. You may not see it coming. It may not look the way you expect it to look. Just trust that your dreams can and will come true. They are within you to be made real.


Hello readers! I’ve decided to change up my blog format after some prayer and contemplation. I’ll be writing shorter daily thoughts Monday through Thursday, and a longer blog post on Fridays. I hope this new format suits you! As always, I sit in prayer before writing, and then write what I feel called to write from my heart.

Thank you so much for reading, as always.

Creating Your Reality

“The Universe is just a big Xerox machine. It simply produces copies of your thoughts.” – Neale Donald Walsch

Thoughts are things. You create your reality by what you think about. That can be a lot of responsibility to handle, but it’s also very powerful and beautiful. You have the power to create your reality by what you notice, what you pay attention to, and what you think about. I don’t always understand the ins and outs of how it works, but I’ve seen it happen in my life again and again. 

It is important that you begin to pay attention to what you’re thinking about. I’ll often catch myself thinking something in fear or anxiety. That is a surefire way to create a situation in your life that is borne out of fear. You need to stop, notice what you’re thinking about, and actively change your thought. If you are used to believing bad things about yourself, as I’ve been conditioned to do, it’s also important to shift your self-concept. You must believe that you are good, and that good things can happen in your life. You must know that you deserve joy and happiness. Think those thoughts that you would dare to think if you knew you could not fail, if you knew you could have your wildest dreams. Think those thoughts.

It can be hard to just start thinking thoughts about a life you wish to step into. It helps me to say “thank you” for what I’m wishing to create in my life. For example, “thank you God for (insert dream/wish here).” It also helps to get aligned with God, your heart, and your higher self before actively working to create something. Then you are sure to build your dreams on a strong foundation.

Wishing you positive thoughts and beautiful realities.