Being True to Yourself

“To thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.” – William Shakespeare

Being true to yourself means honoring what is true for you by knowing and acting on your truth. It means being in touch with who you are and living into it, because you are a beautiful creation from God. It means listening to your heart and then taking steps to create what you found there.

In my young life, it was harder for me to honor my truth. I was afraid of what people would think of me if I made changes in my life based on what I felt in my heart. I was timid about it. Writing and sharing my story via this blog has taken some courage, but I am taking baby steps and doing it anyway. 

Being true to yourself doesn’t have to be drastic. Where can you show up for yourself in your life? Where are you hiding who you are to make others more comfortable? Your heart comes from God and is sacred, too. When you honor yourself by being true to who you are, you honor God’s creation.

Difficult People

When a challenging person appears in your life, it can be a major moment of healing and growth. These experiences are usually not fun in the typical sense of the word, but they can give you a chance to heal at deeper levels than you would have otherwise. I like to believe that the person is there to teach you about yourself and about love, even if they are showing up as something else in that moment. Difficult people are made from love, too.

The story of the “Little Soul and the Sun” from Conversations with God illustrates this amazingly. The basic moral of the story is, “in the absence of what you are not, what you are, is not.” It seems confusing but it makes sense if you sit with it for a bit. When people show up to challenge us, it is a chance for us to know ourselves as love – love of ourselves, and love of the other. It may also be a chance for a lot of other things! In my life, difficult people have often taught me about creating strong boundaries, loving myself, and being kind to myself, as well as seeing the light in the other.

Today, if you encounter a difficult person, I hope you can stay centered in your heart and your light. I hope you can know that you are love, and that you are also loved and loving. It can feel painful, but it is temporary, and you can return to yourself in each moment by anchoring yourself to your heart and to God.

Love Yourself by Loving Others

I wrote last week about loving yourself, but today I want to write about how showing love to others is a way to show love to ourselves. When you see past someone’s pain and mistakes into their light within, you are also seeing your own inner light. When you love others by giving them blessings and joy, you also give blessings and joy to yourself. “What you do to another, you to do yourself. What you fail to do for another, you fail to do to yourself” (Conversations with God). Or, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matthew 7:12).  Loving another person is akin to loving yourself, because we are all one.

How can we show love to others? Well, it helps to know what they need, and each person has their own needs. Your partner may need a different kind of love from your child, but it’s all love. It is also possible to show love by embodying love for them, by centering your heart in a loving place and sharing that love with them. I do this now with my family and friends and with the children I work with. I practice this in my daily life as I encounter people throughout my day in different parts of the city. I practice showing love to the homeless and to people in need.

When I bless others with love, I feel that love lift me up and make me whole. I hope you have a chance to show love today.   

Loving Yourself

What does it mean to love yourself? It means to sit in a space of love for yourself and embrace yourself in all of your manifestations. Learning to love myself has been a vital part of my healing journey. It’s a step I often overlook and that I think seems a little selfish sometimes, if I’m being honest. But feeling love for myself in the face of difficulty, anger, sadness, and stress, helps me remember who I am. It helps me remember that God created me, and that I’m loved exactly the way I am.

Some of the ways I practice loving myself include saying “I love myself” as a mantra, as well as saying “God loves me.” I also breathe and sit in stillness and pray to feel love, and to feel God’s love, which usually helps me feel love right away. I also practice showing others that they are loved, which allows me to feel love too. As it is said in Conversations with God, “what you do for another, you do for yourself. What you fail to do for another, you fail to do for yourself.” Helping another feel love will necessarily help you feel love too!

I forgot how to love myself after my trauma. The hatred and vitriol I experienced left me lost in a sea of anger, rage, and sadness. I was cut off from myself, from God, from love, and from light. Every time I consciously love myself now, I return a part of my heart to God’s heart, and to love. It can take time and practice, but it’s possible. Loving yourself can make many of life’s problems seem more manageable and less overwhelming. Wishing you love today and every day. 

Believe in Yourself

You must believe in yourself and your vision if it’s going to come about. No one can believe in you for you. You may have cheerleaders, and you always have God & your angels, but the most important person who must believe in you is you. 

Believe in yourself by saying positive messages to yourself. I am worthy. I am loving. I love myself. My dreams are coming true. I am healed, whole, and healthy. My life is full. My life is beautiful. I can do anything I put my mind to.

Believe in yourself by connecting your heart to the Big Heart of God. Sit in silence and ask your heart to be opened to God’s heart. Breathe and be still. Stay present and feel your heart open. No one can do this for you but you. When you connect your heart to God’s heart, you will know you are loved and supported.

Believe in yourself by surrounding yourself with your support system.Your support system are people who love you and believe in you. There may only be a few people in your support system, or there may be many more. These are people who will champion your vision for yourself and believe in you. 

Believe in yourself because you are a holy child of God, and you are worth it.