Creating a Dream or a Nightmare

It’s possible for each of us to create a dream or a nightmare out of our lives. Though it seems we are at the whims of fate, we each have the power within us to veer our lives into territory of love or of fear. Much of this has to do with our thoughts and how centered we are in our hearts. Thinking the highest thoughts and focusing on love allows us to bring more love into our lives, like an internal feedback loop. The reverse is true with fear and fearful thoughts.

I write about this because I’ve experienced both in my life. I entered into huge fear territory after my trauma. I didn’t only create a waking nightmare in my life, I had terrifying nightmares each night. I was wracked with insomnia, anxiety, and depression. I’d like to tell you some form of medicine or therapy fixed me, and while they did help along the way, what truly healed me was allowing God and love into my life to do miraculous work.

Then I was able to begin creating a dream. Love entered and cleaned out my system. I felt closer to God and to my true heart. I began feeling more joy and feeling closer to myself – to the me I had been as a child, before my trauma and the nightmares. It wasn’t as hard as it seemed. A little bit of love made way for a whole lot of love.

Now I can veer towards either one, and I have sometimes found myself going back to nightmare land if I’m not careful. At this time last year, I was beginning to hate my job and feel resentful. I had a very powerful conversation with a healer who recommended prayer, telling me, “you change your life through prayer.” It seemed so simple, and though an earlier me would have scoffed at and judged this advice, I went for it. I began praying and actively feeling grateful for my job and position in life, and asking for divine assistance as I worked to create my dreams. I continued to pray and to up my spiritual practices. It almost immediately shifted my experience at my job and in the rest of my life. A year later I’m still at the same job and I now love it and really do feel grateful for it! I have created time for myself to create my dreams. I continue to be grateful for that which I want in my life rather than resentful for that which I don’t.

Now these kinds of practices are hard to understand for me, because I know we have systemic problems in our world that can’t only be fixed by individual effort. That’s something I think about a lot. But if you happen to be reading this blog, I believe that this practice might be really beneficial for you in particular, since you are here.

So go ahead and pray, connect to God and your heart, and see the beauty in the parts of your life that are difficult. Watch your life transform. Bring light into your heart and your life. You deserve to feel beautiful, happy, loved, and held, all of the time.

Be Patient

It can be hard to wait for things to come to fruition after working hard for them. It’s not always easy to see how or if your dreams are coming true. I believe that there is a greater plan at work that we can’t always perceive with our human senses. Be patient and keep swimming. If you’ve done your part, the seeds will begin to grow. You can’t always see the heights they will grow to when they have just begun to sprout. Be patient and steadfast.

Keeping the Faith

Keeping the faith in times of darkness, sadness, or confusion, can seem impossible, but it is doable. Stay strong and grounded in the hope of things to come – truly, things that are already so, but hard to discern on the earthly plane. When we are able to center ourselves in our spiritual reality, we can experience heaven on earth in this moment. Despite any appearances to the contrary, God is in everything. 

During my experience with God, which you can read about more here, I felt true peace in a way I had not thought possible beforehand. I experienced so much beauty, light, and joy by connecting to God that I became seriously sad and depressed when I looked out into the world after my experience. I didn’t want to stay here. How could God be so beautiful, and our world be so full of pain, hardship, inequality, and strife? It’s something I still struggle with if I think too much about it. 

I’ve learned to reconcile it somewhat by spending time each day connecting to God in whatever way works for me – usually this is prayer, meditation, writing, and spending time with my family. Even though our world is not perfect, we can help anchor God’s light here more each day by being love. I know it might sound cheesy, but that’s the place I came to after my experience and trying to live in the regular world. If I could share some of that peace and joy each day, with myself and with others, then maybe it could grow and eventually, hopefully, our earth could start to reflect all of that peace, love, and happiness.

Keep the faith. Know that God loves you and is with you.

Healing and Politics

Though this is not a political blog, it’s hard to separate politics from healing when there seems to be so much need for healing in our current political climate. No matter what country you live in, there seem to be so many issues rearing their heads, from nationalism, to economic inequality, to anti-immigrant policies. And yet, each day there is something to celebrate. Each day people are still fighting for the good. And each day is a chance for me to remember that the greatest shift happens within. 

What if all politicians and all people came to realize that there is only one of us? That would pretty quickly solve a lot of our problems. If we saw ourselves in everyone else we would never be able to hurt other people, leave them starving, try to kick them out of our country, and worse. I truly do believe healing and developing one’s consciousness is one of the most important steps we can take to further the human race. There is only one of us.

I was not raised to believe that there is only one of us. I was raised to see separation and competition, even in my own small life on this planet. As I healed, I had very profound experiences of seeing other people, completely random other people, even everyone I encountered, as being fully human, full of light, and my siblings. Those experiences are not easy to forget. Would that every person could see the full humanness of each of us. We would heal our planet much more quickly than we have been.

Going through the Tunnel

My two-year-old daughter has lately been surprisingly interested in watching videos of railroad handcars and railbikes. I’ll admit, they’re soothing and interesting (our favorite is this one). We’ve watched them after reading bedtime stories for the last few nights in a row. In one video, a man riding a railbike approaches and enters a very dark train tunnel. Approaching the tunnel looks a little scary – no light inside, and no telling where he will end up. 

It’s a lot like birth. And a lot like major transformation.

Tunnel moments in life are tough. These are the times when you can’t quite see ahead of you, can’t see behind you, and can’t leave the path you’re on. You are set on the path, it’s leading you somewhere- but where? It can feel lonely and confusing. It can feel like you’ve lost your way. It can feel like you have no idea where you’re going. 

If you are in a tunnel moment in your life, don’t give up just because you can’t see the end. There is light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope. There is redemption and peace and love. It can be hard to remember in the middle of the tunnel, but you must keep going. The other side is there, even if you can’t see it yet.