Keeping the Faith

Keeping the faith in times of darkness, sadness, or confusion, can seem impossible, but it is doable. Stay strong and grounded in the hope of things to come – truly, things that are already so, but hard to discern on the earthly plane. When we are able to center ourselves in our spiritual reality, we can experience heaven on earth in this moment. Despite any appearances to the contrary, God is in everything. 

During my experience with God, which you can read about more here, I felt true peace in a way I had not thought possible beforehand. I experienced so much beauty, light, and joy by connecting to God that I became seriously sad and depressed when I looked out into the world after my experience. I didn’t want to stay here. How could God be so beautiful, and our world be so full of pain, hardship, inequality, and strife? It’s something I still struggle with if I think too much about it. 

I’ve learned to reconcile it somewhat by spending time each day connecting to God in whatever way works for me – usually this is prayer, meditation, writing, and spending time with my family. Even though our world is not perfect, we can help anchor God’s light here more each day by being love. I know it might sound cheesy, but that’s the place I came to after my experience and trying to live in the regular world. If I could share some of that peace and joy each day, with myself and with others, then maybe it could grow and eventually, hopefully, our earth could start to reflect all of that peace, love, and happiness.

Keep the faith. Know that God loves you and is with you.

Living a Sacred Life in the Modern World

What does it mean to live a sacred life in our modern society? I think about this a fair amount. How is it possible to connect to the sacred each day, going to work, raising a child, and existing in a capitalistic society with massive inequality? It can feel difficult to create a sacred space in the middle of strip malls. I’ve been cultivating several practices that help me feel connected to God and allow me to live a sacred life even in the middle of this world. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Living in the moment: living in each moment fully, releasing thoughts about the past and the future, is a very sacred space to exist in and truly helps love and light arise in my heart. If you have read of The Power of Now, this book goes into great depth about this approach to life.
  • An altar: I have a small altar that I have in my guest room/meditation room. It has a candle and some stones. Sometimes I put pictures or cards on it. It is not complicated, and I don’t know much about making an altar. It is a place I can sit where I meditate and pray. Just lighting the candle helps me immediately connect to a place that is bigger than my own small world.
  • Writing: writing reminds me to connect to a larger world and to God. It helps me reach a place of peace in my heart, and helps me remember who I am.
  • Meditation and yoga practices: When I have time, I like to meditate before bed, and try to practice yoga in the morning when I wake up. These practices help clear the clutter of my mind and help me open my heart.
  • Prayer: Praying is a wonderful thing to do, and I pray many times throughout the day. My favorite prayers are prayers of thankfulness and gratitude, as well as the 23rd Psalm and the Our Father.
  • Reading sacred texts and spiritual literature: I love to read books that bring me wisdom, truth, and guidance. They are points of light in my world. 

Those are some ways that I keep my connection to the spiritual world strong while living in the modern world. I do often wish I could opt out, go live in a cave or the forest, and meditate or pray all day, but I know that my life is here now, with my family, and in this world. Keeping my connection strong with these practices helps me to keep my light alive and my connection to God strong.

What are your sacred practices? I’d love to hear from you!