Healing the Heart

What does it mean to listen to one’s heart? I write about listening to my heart often because it’s a huge part of how I healed. It can be very hard to listen to your heart in this world. Since we were children, many people taught us not to listen to our hearts. Adults around us – teachers, parents, babysitters –  nudged or pushed us to conform to this world and stop following our natural inclinations. How can we learn to listen to our hearts again when we’ve been so conditioned to ignore them? 

An important first step is getting quiet and still for more than just a few moments. It helps to sit still for a while, if you can. Eventually, you will begin to feel the still, small voice within. At first it may seem faint, and you may not be sure if it’s really your heart or not, but if you keep listening, it will grow, and it will guide and heal you. Alternately, in times of great need and even crisis, without having to get still, you will also find guidance there.

What if you’re not sure which one is your inner voice? I’ve been unsure about my true inner voice many, many, many times. It can be so hard and confusing sometimes! Your inner voice, or your heart, will lead you to love and peace and oneness with others. It will not guide you to do anything that will harm yourself or anyone else. It will guide you towards healing yourself. When I’m having a difficult time discerning which one my inner voice is, it helps to practice getting still and meditating even more than normal. It also helps me to practice writing. Everyone will have their own tool, and you have to just experiment to find out which one is right. Of course, it also helps to pray and ask God and your angels for help.

Healing your heart is the most exciting journey you will ever take. It will bring you to truth and to peace, and will lead you to finding fulfillment and joy just by being yourself. Trust in the greatness of God and in your holy creation, and you will heal. Follow the thread of your heart to true healing and lasting love. Don’t give up!

Choosing Wisely

One of the biggest shifts in my life has occurred around making choices. I used to make choices using my mind only, reasoning out the best course of action from facts presented to me. That’s a good way to choose things a lot of the time. But what if all things are equal? What if the facts don’t tell the whole story down the road? The truth is, they usually don’t give you a full picture. Your heart can. 

Your heart is part of God’s reality, which can see and intuit things that your mind is not aware of yet. Getting in tune with your heart before you make a decision can help save you a lot of headaches down the road. It can be hard to do, especially if you’re not used to listening to your inner reality, but it can truly shift your life. Learn to trust what your heart is telling you, and you can step into the life you dream of.

After my experiences, I began having very strong senses of which paths to take in my life, particularly for the first few years. These choices were small sometimes, and choosing one path or another didn’t always make sense to me at the time. Once, as I was deciding whether or not to study abroad in graduate school, I felt a very strong inner pull that I shouldn’t go abroad, and was guided towards spending the summer at home with my mom and stepdad. This was a lifechanging and very healing summer for me, but I couldn’t have known that in advance. My heart and angels did know that, and made it clear to me in a spiritual sense. 

Sometimes it’s hard to tell which way to go, especially when thoughts cloud your brain. It helps to get quiet, be still, and give space for your heart to speak. If you feel that you still can’t hear your heart, other tools that might help could be a pendulum, cards, applied kinesthesiology, and automatic writing. The tool that works for you is the best tool for you! I use them all from time to time, but find meditation and automatic writing are most helpful to me. 

Your heart wants you to have a great and happy life. Spend time listening to it and making choices from your heart’s guidance, and let yourself to be happy from the inside out.