Connecting with God

It doesn’t have to be hard to connect with God. It doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. You can connect with God at any time because God created you, and God lives in your heart at all times. At all times. You can truly never be separate from God. You can merely be aware of God or not.

Why connect with God? If your life is going fine, you might not feel like it’s important. If you are feeling lost, depressed, or sad, connecting with God can help you remember how loved you are, and help you return to your true life’s purpose. I didn’t connect with God until I’d reached the end of what I could do in the world of the senses.

How can one connect with God? Be still and then sit in that stillness. Reach out to God in your heart. It takes only that soft love and space for you to be able to feel God there. A lot of for me it is turning off my mind, and believing that God really is there (because God is).

If you are feeling like you’re the end of your rope, try connecting with God. God loves you. God created you. When you connect with God you will know that, and your life will be renewed.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Your Angels are Here to Guide You

When feeling alone or lost, reach out to your angels in prayer. They are always with you and can help comfort and guide you. You are never truly alone, and you aren’t meant to suffer. Center yourself in your heart and ask for your angels to make themselves known. They probably won’t speak to you in a voice you can hear. They might leave you little signs like pennies or feathers. You might feel tingling. You might feel a sense of peace. You might have a dream. Your angels are here to guide and help you along this journey. 


“Nothing in the life you lead is real, save your relationship with Me.”

Conversations with God

I sometimes find myself feeling down after reading about the environment, something about which I care deeply. It’s hard not to. We are in the midst of a mass extinction of species, the rainforests keep getting cut down, and there is plastic all over the ocean. I would love to be able to fix all of these issues overnight, and while I do my part, I am just one person of many. In these times it helps me to remember that these issues are merely the result of actions by humans – it is a cause and effect. It feels hopeless and almost condemned, but I know we can begin to heal and fix this. Happily, many places and people are beginning to. It’s not all doom and gloom, and there are glimmers of hope if one only looks. (Here are a few links to see some positive environmental news: and

In times of sadness about our physical world, it also helps me to remember the quote I referenced above. This world truly is a shadow of the spiritual world. We can work to help heal ourselves and the environment knowing that God is eternal, and cannot be harmed.

The Power of I Am

Saying affirmations and statements in the form of I Am is an extremely powerful force that can set into motion the truth of who you are and wish to be. I’ve been working on being more aware of the messages I tell myself – I often fall into a trap of unconsciously telling myself that I Am things I don’t truly desire to be based on childhood messaging. Changing those messages by consciously crafting and repeating I Am statements can help turn the tide. Spend some time today writing five to ten I Am statements that help bring you into the person you know you can be. 

Here’s a song I heard last year is a great reminder of some basic and very positive I Am statements that you might enjoy! Have a great Monday!


I personally believe we are all here to be “Christed,” that is, to learn and live into our oneness with God. Though I know it might not seem like the purpose of life from looking at the news or going to work, my experiences and the things I’ve learned have led me to this belief. In the process of being Christed and becoming aware of our union with God, we may have highs and lows. We may rise to beautiful experiences of love only to fall to depths of sadness later. I’ve definitely been there. The important thing is to be patient with yourself, and to remind yourself why you’re here. It takes time. 

Steering your Ship

Steering your ship means guiding your life in the way you would like it to go. There are so many opportunities each day to connect with many different types of people and experiences. Which ones do you choose? All experiences are ultimately good and will bring you to a new understanding of who you are, but getting still and listening to the voice within will help guide you towards your most joyful choices. Get connected and use that knowledge to steer your ship. Create the life that is right for you. 

Reflections: Patience

Having patience can be so hard in healing, and so important. Trust that your time will come, and that your healing will come. Whatever it is that you’re waiting for, let yourself sit with it. Don’t distract yourself with substances and chemicals and shows and Twitter – let yourself sit and be. Whatever it is that you’re waiting for will come. If you could see from above, you would see how everything is interconnected and happening at the right time. I’ve had to learn to be patient, and when I could not see how things would ever work out, somehow they worked out just perfectly, eventually. Wishing you patience today.