Healing without a Smart Phone

While this may only be a problem in certain corners of the world, I often wonder whether I would have had my beautiful healing experience of God if I’d had a smart phone. I had my experience in 2006, before iPhones were widely on the market. When I had quiet time, I had quiet time. I didn’t shove my face into a phone whenever I needed to relax. My experience came from a place of silence and connection to my heart. 

I am very guilty of getting sucked into the rabbit hole of Instagram and online news like the New York Times. I really believe if I’d had a smart phone, I might not have found the silent place I did to allow me to have such a beautiful experience of God. It’s honestly not so different from drinking wine or eating too much. It’s something that one needs to be mindful and aware of.  How can we make sure to keep the tool in its place, and let our minds find a place of calm when needed? 

I’ve found some good ways to limit time on my phone that have helped me stay more present in my life. I deactivated Facebook completely, and as a result no longer have it on my phone. I do have Instagram, but I try to limit how much time I’m on the site. I also practice leaving my phone in another room or in my purse when I’m at work or out and about. And at night, I don’t have it in a place by my bed where I can reach it easily. This makes a big difference.

It’s important to find space within while you’re on your journey towards healing. Give your heart space and your smart phone a break, as much as you need to, and let your inner vision reign.