Creating Your Reality

“The Universe is just a big Xerox machine. It simply produces copies of your thoughts.” – Neale Donald Walsch

Thoughts are things. You create your reality by what you think about. That can be a lot of responsibility to handle, but it’s also very powerful and beautiful. You have the power to create your reality by what you notice, what you pay attention to, and what you think about. I don’t always understand the ins and outs of how it works, but I’ve seen it happen in my life again and again. 

It is important that you begin to pay attention to what you’re thinking about. I’ll often catch myself thinking something in fear or anxiety. That is a surefire way to create a situation in your life that is borne out of fear. You need to stop, notice what you’re thinking about, and actively change your thought. If you are used to believing bad things about yourself, as I’ve been conditioned to do, it’s also important to shift your self-concept. You must believe that you are good, and that good things can happen in your life. You must know that you deserve joy and happiness. Think those thoughts that you would dare to think if you knew you could not fail, if you knew you could have your wildest dreams. Think those thoughts.

It can be hard to just start thinking thoughts about a life you wish to step into. It helps me to say “thank you” for what I’m wishing to create in my life. For example, “thank you God for (insert dream/wish here).” It also helps to get aligned with God, your heart, and your higher self before actively working to create something. Then you are sure to build your dreams on a strong foundation.

Wishing you positive thoughts and beautiful realities. 

Accepting Your Life

Accept your life as it is, right now. Appreciate the things you have already. Be thankful for the many blessings in your life. Allow the things you are grateful for in your life to blossom and grow. It can be easy to worry and to see the worst in the world. Look deeper. God is in you. God is with you. God is guiding you.

I have been practicing appreciating my life and the many blessings in it, even as I have caught myself worrying about many things in my life and in our world. Worrying does no good for anyone. It doesn’t help make things better. It doesn’t improve one’s life or the world. It leaves one in a rut. However, accepting and appreciating what you have allows your blessings to multiply. As Neale Donald Walsch put it last weekend, “when you feel good about life, life feels good about you.” You can create a positive feedback loop in your life.

Instead of worrying, love your life. Instead of worrying, take action on something that is within your reach to change. Accept what is. Appreciate the many blessings you have been given. Center yourself in your heart as much as you are able to, and your life will blossom.

Living in Gratitude & My Steps to Conscious Creation

I try to remember to be grateful each day for the blessings I have, and for the blessings I wish to have someday. My favorite book series, Conversations with God, says that the most powerful prayer is saying thank you in advance. I don’t always remember to do that, but as much as I’m able to, I try to practice this high form of gratitude. It’s similar to visualization and to making a vision board – techniques I and some of my friends have had some success with. It is a pretty neat (and powerful) phenomenon when you put it to work in your life. 

Form arises from thought. As long as we live in the manifest world of the physical, we create the things we think about. It’s important to make sure the things you think about and wish to manifest are aligned with your higher self. It’s ok if they’re not, but you’ll probably take more joy in your creation when it’s aligned with God’s will. I’ve created many things that were not really in alignment with my higher self, before I was aware of such a thing as a higher self. The things I thought about and created weren’t terrible, but they didn’t raise me up and connect me to love – they just kind of fizzled. Alternately, when I created from alignment with God, my creations came more readily, easefully, and joyfully, as if I were walking on the “straight paths” from Psalm 23 – my pathways opened and cleared, and I walked into my creations with light steps.

When I am wishing to create something in my life and I’m being conscious about it, here is what I do. 

  1. I get still and sit in prayer to make sure what I’m asking to manifest is in alignment with my highest good. I can usually tell when I get still. I will know deep down. It’s the thought that won’t go away and the tug that can’t be ignored. Thankfully and blessedly, what is for your highest good will also be for the highest good of all.
  2. I connect myself to love and joy. This also happens in a deep state of peace and prayer and connection to the Divine.
  3. I imagine myself being or doing whatever it is I’m wishing for. When we were looking to buy our house or make our garden, I imagined myself walking through the home, and walking in our yard, feeling joyful and happy. I felt at peace as I did this. Eventually, these things became real. (Now, did they become real because I imagined them? Some people would say so, some would not, but it can’t hurt to try!)

What are you wishing to create? It’s very easy to become anxious and worried that the things we truly desire won’t come to us. That pushes them away. Be still, get in touch with your heart, and imagine being in your creations. Send love to the creations you wish to have. And then wait!

Wishing that all your dreams come true.

How Gratitude Helps Me

Even though I’ve been writing and sharing about healing, I’m regularly stressed out. As a working mom of a toddler, I get overwhelmed. I can also become depressed about the way the world can seem, and especially sad about the environment. I wish I could say I were living in a state of perpetual bliss, but much of the time, I’m not. 

At these times it helps me to become aware of the many things in my life to be grateful for. It’s easy to let the curtain close on the beauty of life when things get overwhelming or I get caught up in day-to-day details. Thankfully, there are always things to be grateful for. 

When I remember to, which is *almost* every day, I make a gratitude list. I usually state my list in my heart, say it aloud if no one’s around, or write it down. There are some wonderful gratitude journals. One that I’ve enjoyed is The Five Minute Journal (they also have an app), but there are many others. 

Being aware of what I’m grateful for helps me see the many blessings of my life. It helps them grow larger. And it helps my mind stop being so worried. Life is beautiful, if you see it the right way, and there is perfection in the imperfection.  

Today I’m grateful for you, this blog, the birds, the water, my family, my friends, candles, books, my job, my coworkers, trees, writing. I’m grateful for the many people making positive changes in the world where they see a need. I’m grateful that I can share my writing with you!

What are you grateful for?

Happy Women’s Day

Today I’m honoring the women who’ve come before me. I’m honoring the women who are doing important work today. I’m honoring the women who have loved me and taught me, and the women who’ve loved and taught others. And I’m honoring all women, who are amazing just for existing.

I hope we can continue to lift your voices for all to hear and honor. I hope we can create a world where all women are safe. Where all women have enough. Where all women are loved and cared for.

Sending out love to each one of you.


Express Gratitude. This is the most powerful tool you could be given. Gratitude can be a selected energy, and not merely an automatic response. When one actively chooses gratitude for everything presenting itself in one’s life (and I do mean everything), it sets up an energetic signature that washes over and impacts the energy of whatever is now arising. This can transmogrify (defined as: “To transform, especially in a surprising or magical manner”) the presentation itself- to say nothing of one’s entire life.”

– Conversations with God, Book 4

Gratitude is a topic that is so important in healing, and one that I’ve grappled with. How can someone be grateful for the painful things? How can I be grateful when someone hurts me? Those are big and difficult questions.

I do believe the words I quoted above, hard as they may sound. Gratitude changes one’s life. It unlocks whatever small beauties may be lurking within painful moments, and it allows the already beautiful moments to be magnified.

In my life, practicing gratitude looks like noticing the things I’m grateful for and saying small prayers of thankfulness for them. Watching water come out of the sink, I thank it. I thank the earth for creating it, and I thank the people who devised and built pipes to bring it into our home. Other times I’m thankful for my friends and family. Still other times I’m thankful for my job and profession.

Now, being thankful for even the difficult moments seems like a job for a spiritual Jedi, but it doesn’t have to be. In my toughest times, if I remember to, I will say thank you to God for being with me. I can be grateful for an opportunity to be love when confronted with its opposite. Of course it would be nice to remember to express gratitude all the time, but sometimes is good enough for me.

What are you grateful for? How do you express gratitude?