Not Giving Up

Giving up can mean different things at different times to different people. At one point in my life, giving up meant wanting to commit suicide. Though I couldn’t see a better life at the time, I’m glad I trusted and waited and made it through to a much better life than I could have dreamed of. Sometimes giving up means to stop working towards a dream or hope of yours. 

Today I’m writing about not giving up by continuing to believe in hope, joy, and good things to come. Our planet and all people are going through great changes. It’s more important than ever to craft a vision of the world you wish to live in, and begin creating it. What are your dreams for your life? What world would you like to live in? You can take steps to create that today. 

Maybe it’s as simple as forgiving someone in your life who’s hurt or wronged you. Maybe it’s as big as taking steps towards manifesting a big goal for your life. Maybe it’s bringing a child into your life. 

What are your dreams and hopes, for yourself and for the world around you? Don’t give up on them. Formulate them – write them down, speak them out loud – and begin to reach for them. You were born to fulfill your unique role in the world. You were born to be your wonderful and glorious self. Don’t give up on you.

Have a great Friday!