Home is in the Heart

As a storm prepares to hit my hometown, I’m reminded that home is not outside of us, but within us. When everything was taken away after Katrina, a storm my family survived but in which we lost much, I learned that lesson in the extreme. Never before had I been so grateful for my friends and family. Never before had I felt so close to all the people I had known growing up there, people I normally took for granted. Eventually, things evened back out, but obviously occurrences like these are not always predictable. Our world is full of unpredictable events such as wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and more. We can’t always know how our world will look tomorrow, but it if we are able to center ourselves in our hearts and see beyond outside appearances, we can weather the storm.

When things are taken away in the physical world, it can be shocking and disorienting if I am overly connected to them. If I believe the physical world is all there is, then I might feel extremely lost when the things around me change. But if I open myself up to the reality that the physical world might not always exist the way it does now, and accept that my heart is the center of my world and my true self, it becomes much easier to walk through these changes.

I’m holding all of my friends, family, and people in my heart as this storm nears the coast. As always, we never know how these things will go, which is another great chance to be prepared but also centered and open to whatever will come. All my love.

Letting Yourself Change

When undertaking to follow your heart, you may feel called to change the outward circumstances of your life. You might be called to change a relationship or a job, or even where you live. You might feel compelled to change some friendships. It can seem hard to your mind to start showing up in a different way in the world, but if it is what your heart and soul is truly asking you for, making these changes will only result in more joy for you in the end.

Some of the things I’ve felt compelled to change since beginning this journey include my occupation, my orientation to work, my relationships, and where I live. These changes have happened in varying ways over the years. When I get deeper in my heart and my connection to God, even now, it can be scary to my ego. My ego wants everything to stay the same, to seem good, great, successful, and unwavering. Yet my heart is asking for more, for my true self – it yearns for connection, self-expression, and embodying God’s love here on earth. 

Making changes in your life based on your heart’s yearnings will lead you to your true self. You can begin to trust yourself by taking small steps towards your heart and making small changes. Ask God and your angels to guide you. You are here to let your true self shine forth. 

Staying Grounded Amidst Change

When change in your life and on the planet is afoot, it’s helpful to try to stay grounded whenever you are able to. I’ll admit, I have had a hard time of it sometimes. When life is really changing fast, it’s difficult to get my footing and remain centered. I get swept up in the current and become easily ungrounded. 

Paying attention to my breath is the most important technique I’ve found to stay grounded. I’ve heard about the importance of breathing for years. I even help kids practice their breathing every day in my work as a speech and language pathologist. Does that mean I remember to breathe? Of course not! But, some days are better than others.

It takes practice to remember to breathe, however, once I’m aware that I need to get grounded, I’m able to breathe deeply and calmly. The best part about breathing as a grounding and centering technique is that you can do it anywhere, anytime. It’s one of the most powerful tools we have to connect our minds with our bodies and help us stay grounded. If you are feeling the winds of change in your life and feel you have nothing to hold on to, get centered quickly by paying attention to your breath. 

Wishing you deep breaths and open hearts today!

Allowing Others to Change

When someone has hurt us in the past, it is easy to hold those painful memories in our minds about what that other person has done. But what if that person changes? We can give them the great gift of letting those old mental pictures go. We can let them be their new selves by seeing the highest good in them. 

I am actively practicing letting old memories of others go by centering my heart in love and shrugging off painful past moments. I am seeing them as they are in this moment, and embracing the new vision they have of themselves. I can see a new way. I can help them, and myself, on the path towards love by releasing moments held in the past. 

The person I’m most working on this with right now is my mom. She has made major and drastic changes in her life since I was a child and has actively healed herself. And yet, my child mind often clings to those old painful moments from childhood. When I ground myself into the present and open my heart while maintaining healthy boundaries, I can see the new person my mom has become. I can release old past hurts like cleaning dust out of the attic. I let the light back in for both of us. 

Being OK with Change

It can be hard to change. When you are on a healing path, you may be called to change quite a bit from the person you were last year, last week, or even yesterday. As you move into greater alignment with your heart, you may also feel called to make changes to support your evolving vision of yourself.

These changes may take the form of a new habit, or a new job, or a change in your relationship with another person. Over the years as I’ve healed, I’ve made so many changes in my life. Sometimes these changes made me feel embarrassed – what would other people think of me? I made some big changes in my career and also in my relationships. I’ve ended relationships that didn’t work when I felt very called to, and that was tough for both people. I’ve also completely shifted career courses to a career that was more in alignment with my dreams and desire to give back to others. Even writing this blog represents a big change from the self I show to the world around me.

Yet all of these changes in the outer world have had an inception with my heart. They feel like inner callings, and they all begin from within. The change in the outer world is just a continuation of my inner reality. Every time I have changed, life adjusts accordingly and catches up. And besides, it helps me to know that everyone around me is also going through their own changes. It’s the nature of life. 

I hope today gives you a chance to make positive changes to live more in alignment with your heart! Wishing you a happy day.