Being Still

Can you find times in your day to be still? It can be an enormous undertaking when you are living in the modern world. Being still allows peace to enter. Being still allows you to hear the “still, small voice.” Being still means putting away your smart phone and screens and televisions and distractions. Being still means being brave enough to sit in silence and accept the truth of who you are. 

Pre-healing Rebecca ran and ran and ran. I joined things and did things and added many things to my schedule and life. I was afraid to be still. I was afraid to know myself. And yet, when I finally gave myself the space to be still and truly heal, I learned there was nothing to be afraid of. I didn’t have to be so scared. I thought the world would end if I was still enough to honor my true self, and yet the world didn’t end – it truly began.

Being still doesn’t mean you have stop doing all the things you need to do in your life. I know that in times of financial hardship I’ve had to work extremely hard to make ends meet and pay bills, and that didn’t really lend itself to being still very often. Neither does being a mother, a working mother, or any other kind of human. And yet, there is still time. Is there one minute in your day to be still? Stop running and doing and being all things to all people. Meet yourself in the stillness. Meet yourself in the peace. Give yourself the gift of being still. Being still will let you know who you are. 

Staying Calm in the Storm

Staying calm in the midst of difficult and stressful situations is a life skill I continue to work on daily. At the beginning of my life, I had a very hard time staying calm at all. I had anxiety and headaches, even stress-related stomach ulcers when I was just in grade school. It’s taken a fair amount of practice, but I’ve gotten a lot better at staying peaceful during challenging times. Here are some of my favorite calming practices.  

The first and best one is to breathe. It sounds so easy, until I forget to do it! Like anything, these techniques need to be put into practice, not just read about. I love to read and think about all sorts of healing practices, but it doesn’t really help if I don’t actually do it. Breathing deeply and calmly for several minutes, or when in the midst of a stressful situation, helps me so much. 

I also like to pray. These can be prayers I make up, or prayers I’ve memorized. Sometimes I just ask God and the angels to be with me or to help me. Sometimes I say parts of the 23rd Psalm. It helps to clear my mind and return me to a peaceful place, especially if I’m feeling too overwhelmed and stressed out to meditate. 

And of course, writing helps me a lot, which is part of why I started this blog. I write short prayers and practice automatic writing to help me stay centered and see the bigger picture. I also love reading spiritual texts that are meaningful to me, especially Conversations with God. It helps me to remember my spiritual center and come back home to myself.

What are some of your favorite ways to stay calm? Wishing you a calm & peaceful night!