Rest in Peace

The recent kidnapping and discovery of the body of three-year-old Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney in my city has been a tragedy of the highest order. It’s all I can think about this morning as I sit down to write. She was only three years old, kidnapped blocks from my home while playing at a birthday party. This is one of those times when it’s easy to ask “where was God?” It’s terrifying to think that someone would act so cruelly towards a precious, innocent child. 

I can’t make sense of it even though I’ve read and learned so much about God. Some thoughts come to mind, though. God’s world is perfect, I felt that in my experience. It was so beautiful and so full of love. When I realized how far our world felt from that supreme love, I was extremely depressed. 

It’s not God, but people who can be so far away from God’s loving reality. How can someone be so cruel as to abuse and then kill a child? I can only conjecture that there was a history of abuse, neglect, and trauma that spiraled them to the absolute opposite end of love. 

I hope that Kamille didn’t suffer too much before passing. I hope she felt God and the angels with her when she was scared. I hope she went quickly into God’s arms after passing. I hope she knows how many people were searching for her and praying for her. I hope she is at peace. I pray that her family and loved ones find healing. 

Rest in Peace Kamille.

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