Video: Releasing Skepticism

Hello & Happy Sunday! Here’s your weekly video. This week’s topic is about letting go of skepticism. Did you encounter this in your own journey? Skepticism can be good, but it can also hinder us when exploring our spiritual side. Here are some ways I learned to move past my own skepticism. Enjoy!

How I learned to Trust my Heart – Some Ideas and Inspiration

If you’re reading this, you may be searching for a way to listen to yourself, and your heart. Trusting your heart seems like a simple proclamation, but in our world of separation, it may be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. 

The first question that must be asked is, why trust your heart? What is the point of it? In my upbringing, I was raised to trust my mind. I had no awareness of my heart or inner self until breakdowns forced me to get to know myself from the inside. I learned that trusting your heart is truly the way to a happy life. Your heart holds your inner wisdom and is your connection to God or Source. Your heart is where love arises. Your heart is the purest essence of you.

How can one trust their heart? We are born in touch with ourselves, and yet somehow, we lose that connection as we age. Of course, not all of us do, but some of us do – I definitely did. Here are some steps that helped me.

  1. In the height of my pain, I felt my heart calling out to me. This happened when I had nowhere else to go and had hit rock bottom in my life. My heart was there, underneath it all, singing its song and reaching out to me.
  2. I felt like there was something on top of my heart. I began working to feel what was underneath my heart and felt guided to heal myself. This is when I began taking better care of myself and my body and learning about things like Reiki, energy healing, and a personal God that cared about me – things I had earlier scoffed at, but in my quest to heal, felt very called towards.
  3. I practiced, and still practice, sitting in stillness to connect to my heart. In every direction there are interesting distractions. It is a practice to turn away from them and go within.
  4. I make choices to listen to my heart when I’m able to. At every decision, we can take the path of the mind, or the quicker, but harder for our ego, path of the heart. The path of the heart may scare your mind, but it leads to joy. 
  5. Upon waking, I connect with my heart each morning, and in doing so I connect to God or Source. The time when you first wake up in the morning is a very peaceful time and one when it’s easier to feel your heart connection. Sit in stillness for a few moments or more and feel your inner light awaken.

Those are some ways in which I remain connected to my heart. Of course, it’s often still a challenge for me, and I have to really pay attention to whether or not I’m connecting to my heart. Sometimes, life gets busy and loud and I too easily forget about the most important thing of all. Thankfully, our hearts are always there for us, and we can connect at any time. 

Wishing you a day filled with love and connection!

Healing and Nature

I write this today a few days ahead of the massive climate walk-outs being planned this Friday across my country. For the past several weeks we’ve had temperatures in the mid-nineties. I’ve been at a point of panic about our environment and experiencing a bit of hopelessness. Today’s blog is about how I approach these topics in balance with my spiritual life. 

When I first had my experiences of God and light, nature became much more alive to me. I was raised in a culture that disregarded nature. As a child I loved nature but had no language with which to approach it, and eventually stopped noticing it or feeling a part of it. My experience changed all of that. Nature pulsed with the beauty of God. I remember seeing a green aura flash out from a tree right before it toppled over and died while I was visiting my mom in the country. I felt deeply connected to animals, especially after meditating. I even lived in a cabin on 100 acres of woods for several years after my experience. Nature felt like home to me. As I became alive to God, nature became alive to me.

Now I’m learning how to balance my beautiful experiences with God and nature with meaningful action. I do many things personally to mollify myself and my family’s environmental footprint, such as composting, using reusable coffee cups, water bottles, and grocery bags, installing rain barrels to water the garden with, putting out bird and hummingbird feeders to feed our local birds, and planting native plants, to name a few. These things help me feel connected to caring for our planet, but I also feel so alone in them, and not everyone is in a place to take these kinds of actions. We need change on a larger scale to help stem the tide of climate change. We need all businesses on board. We need a shift in our mindset about how we treat and relate to the earth. We need to change the way to get from one place to another. We need to care for our most vulnerable communities.

Climate change is not a judgment from God, but a visible result of actions taken by humans. When I begin to despair about our planet, I try to remember that we can change our course, and that we can do it from a place of love for each other, for the animals, for the plants, and for the planet. Nature needs us, and we need nature. It’s part of why true spiritual awakening on the part of each human is so important. Humans in touch with their true divine nature and living into the unity of all life would not harm the planet or each other for profit. 

How are you feeling about our environment? What actions do you take to live in accord with nature? What’s your favorite experience in nature? I’d love to hear about all of it! Comment below or message me on the contact page.

Creating a Dream or a Nightmare

It’s possible for each of us to create a dream or a nightmare out of our lives. Though it seems we are at the whims of fate, we each have the power within us to veer our lives into territory of love or of fear. Much of this has to do with our thoughts and how centered we are in our hearts. Thinking the highest thoughts and focusing on love allows us to bring more love into our lives, like an internal feedback loop. The reverse is true with fear and fearful thoughts.

I write about this because I’ve experienced both in my life. I entered into huge fear territory after my trauma. I didn’t only create a waking nightmare in my life, I had terrifying nightmares each night. I was wracked with insomnia, anxiety, and depression. I’d like to tell you some form of medicine or therapy fixed me, and while they did help along the way, what truly healed me was allowing God and love into my life to do miraculous work.

Then I was able to begin creating a dream. Love entered and cleaned out my system. I felt closer to God and to my true heart. I began feeling more joy and feeling closer to myself – to the me I had been as a child, before my trauma and the nightmares. It wasn’t as hard as it seemed. A little bit of love made way for a whole lot of love.

Now I can veer towards either one, and I have sometimes found myself going back to nightmare land if I’m not careful. At this time last year, I was beginning to hate my job and feel resentful. I had a very powerful conversation with a healer who recommended prayer, telling me, “you change your life through prayer.” It seemed so simple, and though an earlier me would have scoffed at and judged this advice, I went for it. I began praying and actively feeling grateful for my job and position in life, and asking for divine assistance as I worked to create my dreams. I continued to pray and to up my spiritual practices. It almost immediately shifted my experience at my job and in the rest of my life. A year later I’m still at the same job and I now love it and really do feel grateful for it! I have created time for myself to create my dreams. I continue to be grateful for that which I want in my life rather than resentful for that which I don’t.

Now these kinds of practices are hard to understand for me, because I know we have systemic problems in our world that can’t only be fixed by individual effort. That’s something I think about a lot. But if you happen to be reading this blog, I believe that this practice might be really beneficial for you in particular, since you are here.

So go ahead and pray, connect to God and your heart, and see the beauty in the parts of your life that are difficult. Watch your life transform. Bring light into your heart and your life. You deserve to feel beautiful, happy, loved, and held, all of the time.

Video: Connecting to Your Heart

Hello dear readers! Here is a short video I made with some tips to help you connect with your heart. This process was a huge mystery to me as I was raised with no knowledge of or connection to my heart, but it was connecting with my heart that truly healed me.

Wishing you love and connection today and always.

Pausing throughout the Day

In our harried lifestyles, it can be hard to take a moment and connect with your Self. I know I run, go, move around, get stressed, and lose touch with my heart and purpose on this planet frequently. It’s so easy to lose touch with who I am and why I’m here when there are schools, jobs, commutes, and dinner on the table.

Thankfully, there is one amazing tool that always brings me back to myself – breathing. Breathing can be done at anytime, anywhere. The breath connects our spirits with our bodies and calms our minds. It’s so simple yet so profound. 

The main trick is to notice when you are getting stressed and remember to breathe! I have friends who have apps on their Apple Watches to remind them to pause. I try to notice on my own. It can feel hard to stop and breathe when you’re feeling stressed or rushed, but you can breathe while still continuing about your daily duties. You only need to slow down and get still on the inside. 

Happy Breathing!