Timelines and Timeline Shifting

I wanted to write today about a topic that comes up a fair amount in spiritual circles, but is one I never heard about until I started exploring this world. A timeline, as far as I understand it, is a line of time that you experience. When we make different choices, we experience different outcomes and move into different timelines. In the total sense, everything that is happening is happening at once. We can choose what version of reality we experience by what we pay attention to, what we think about, and what we do. We can most easily change our timeline experience to a positive one by raising our vibration and aligning with love.

Timelines are a bit of a strange concept that have come to make total sense to me. When I first had my series of spiritual experiences, I had glimpses of alternate timelines. I once opened my computer to write a book that was not about spirituality at all, and as I started to write, I saw my entire future in one moment should I continue to write that book. It was as if I truly lived it. In this timeline, the book was not well-received and I lived out my life in a state of depression. I saw and felt it all. Needless to say, I closed my computer and decided not to write that book!

To me, that experience was a glimpse of an alternate timeline. I chose a different path and thus alighted on a different timeline. Sometimes this awareness has become confusing for me. I want to make the “best” choices with the most positive outcomes, but I can’t always know everything in this moment. The best I am able to do is to listen intently to my heart and follow it to the best of my ability. I can show up with love in my life. When I choose love, I align myself with a more positive timeline and hopefully even allow our collective timeline to experience greater and greater love. 

What do you think about timelines? Have you ever had an inkling about alternate timelines in your life?

I’ll leave you with a fun video from one of my favorite spiritual teachers on YouTube, Bridget Nielsen. Hope you enjoy!

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