Free Choice

“Every single free choice you ever undertake arises out of one of the only two possible thoughts there are: a thought of love or a thought of fear. Every human thought, word, deed is based in one emotion or the other. You have no choice about this, because there is nothing else from which to choose. But you have free will about which of these you choose to select.”

Conversations with God, Book 1

I thought today would be a perfect day to explore freedom, in a spiritual sense. Freedom in the form of “free choice” is one of God’s great gifts and allows us to live out a life of our own choosing. We are always able to choose to create our lives, and to create them out of love or out of fear. Are we thinking, speaking, and acting in love, or in fear?

Which one is better to choose? Free will means that God does not punish for making choices out of fear. We are free to make these choices in however way we wish, but choices made in fear will result in more fear, and that really doesn’t feel too great. Choices made in love will result in more love and will grow to beautiful heights of peace, love, and joy. At least, that’s been my experience. 

Free choice can also be daunting, especially when faced with forks in the road. Which way are we to go? How can we make good choices? As always, getting still and feeling one’s inner guidance can help immensely. If that’s not easily determined, as it is sometimes not, just go with your best guess and pray for guidance along the way. 

Wishing you freedom and peace in your choices today and always.

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