Steadying the Ship

Though I don’t personally know how to sail, I’ve been on a sailboat fairly recently with my daughter when we visited the beach. It was really beautiful to see the captain work gently with the elements, positioning the boat to let the sails catch the wind and propel us forward. It was truly the work of a very patient expert. So it is with life, where you are the boat and God is the wind. When you discern in your heart the correct way to go, position yourself by letting go of harmful thoughts and preconceived notions of what your life should look like, and get ready to move forward with God’s help. God’s breath will take you there.

Being Kind

Being kind to others is a gift we give to the world. Small kindnesses can add up to a lot in a world that can be painful or unfair. I love to perform “random acts of kindness,” but I also practice being kind to everyone I meet – when possible. Sometimes when I’m stressed or processing something I’m less able to focus on bringing kindness to others. But the majority of the time, I practice sharing kindness with others by being present, genuine, and attentive. I smile from my heart and look each person I meet in the eye, seeing past external appearances in the essence of each person. Sometimes I have paid for tolls or lunches. It’s a fun way to live.  

Staying Focused

In my life I’ve frequently gotten into the territory of losing my focus. There is always so much going on and so much to look at that I forget to attend to the things that are most important to me. In these times it has helped me to list out the five or so things that matter the most to me in my life and in my life’s purpose, and to consciously stay aware of them. A garden doesn’t grow without tending. Dreams don’t grow without love, attention, and focus. What are you working towards? Give yourself some space and time to focus on that today. 

Connecting with God

It doesn’t have to be hard to connect with God. It doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. You can connect with God at any time because God created you, and God lives in your heart at all times. At all times. You can truly never be separate from God. You can merely be aware of God or not.

Why connect with God? If your life is going fine, you might not feel like it’s important. If you are feeling lost, depressed, or sad, connecting with God can help you remember how loved you are, and help you return to your true life’s purpose. I didn’t connect with God until I’d reached the end of what I could do in the world of the senses.

How can one connect with God? Be still and then sit in that stillness. Reach out to God in your heart. It takes only that soft love and space for you to be able to feel God there. A lot of for me it is turning off my mind, and believing that God really is there (because God is).

If you are feeling like you’re the end of your rope, try connecting with God. God loves you. God created you. When you connect with God you will know that, and your life will be renewed.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Getting Grounded – Some Techniques

It’s very easy to become ungrounded in our lives. To me, being ungrounded means your mind and spirit are living away from your body, which in more extreme forms is called dissociating. As a child, dissociating was a trauma response for me. The physical world around me was too painful and harsh, and I spent most of my time tucked away, far away from myself. I feel dissociating very common for many of us, whether experiencing PTSD or not. Thankfully, there are many excellent grounding techniques that can help us return to our bodies and live our lives fully. Here are a few I love. Stay tuned for a You Tube video about this in the near future!

Grounding Techniques I love:

  • Feeling my feet on the floor
  • Walking barefoot in nature (aka my yard!)
  • Visualizing tree roots reaching from my feet and seat all the way to the center of the earth
  • Taking long, deep breaths
  • Moving slowly and deliberately

If you are feeling ungrounded and far from your daily life, take some time to be gentle with yourself and get grounded. What are you favorite grounding techniques?

Your Angels are Here to Guide You

When feeling alone or lost, reach out to your angels in prayer. They are always with you and can help comfort and guide you. You are never truly alone, and you aren’t meant to suffer. Center yourself in your heart and ask for your angels to make themselves known. They probably won’t speak to you in a voice you can hear. They might leave you little signs like pennies or feathers. You might feel tingling. You might feel a sense of peace. You might have a dream. Your angels are here to guide and help you along this journey. 


“Nothing in the life you lead is real, save your relationship with Me.”

Conversations with God

I sometimes find myself feeling down after reading about the environment, something about which I care deeply. It’s hard not to. We are in the midst of a mass extinction of species, the rainforests keep getting cut down, and there is plastic all over the ocean. I would love to be able to fix all of these issues overnight, and while I do my part, I am just one person of many. In these times it helps me to remember that these issues are merely the result of actions by humans – it is a cause and effect. It feels hopeless and almost condemned, but I know we can begin to heal and fix this. Happily, many places and people are beginning to. It’s not all doom and gloom, and there are glimmers of hope if one only looks. (Here are a few links to see some positive environmental news: and

In times of sadness about our physical world, it also helps me to remember the quote I referenced above. This world truly is a shadow of the spiritual world. We can work to help heal ourselves and the environment knowing that God is eternal, and cannot be harmed.