Love Yourself by Loving Others

I wrote last week about loving yourself, but today I want to write about how showing love to others is a way to show love to ourselves. When you see past someone’s pain and mistakes into their light within, you are also seeing your own inner light. When you love others by giving them blessings and joy, you also give blessings and joy to yourself. “What you do to another, you to do yourself. What you fail to do for another, you fail to do to yourself” (Conversations with God). Or, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matthew 7:12).  Loving another person is akin to loving yourself, because we are all one.

How can we show love to others? Well, it helps to know what they need, and each person has their own needs. Your partner may need a different kind of love from your child, but it’s all love. It is also possible to show love by embodying love for them, by centering your heart in a loving place and sharing that love with them. I do this now with my family and friends and with the children I work with. I practice this in my daily life as I encounter people throughout my day in different parts of the city. I practice showing love to the homeless and to people in need.

When I bless others with love, I feel that love lift me up and make me whole. I hope you have a chance to show love today.   

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