Loving Yourself

What does it mean to love yourself? It means to sit in a space of love for yourself and embrace yourself in all of your manifestations. Learning to love myself has been a vital part of my healing journey. It’s a step I often overlook and that I think seems a little selfish sometimes, if I’m being honest. But feeling love for myself in the face of difficulty, anger, sadness, and stress, helps me remember who I am. It helps me remember that God created me, and that I’m loved exactly the way I am.

Some of the ways I practice loving myself include saying “I love myself” as a mantra, as well as saying “God loves me.” I also breathe and sit in stillness and pray to feel love, and to feel God’s love, which usually helps me feel love right away. I also practice showing others that they are loved, which allows me to feel love too. As it is said in Conversations with God, “what you do for another, you do for yourself. What you fail to do for another, you fail to do for yourself.” Helping another feel love will necessarily help you feel love too!

I forgot how to love myself after my trauma. The hatred and vitriol I experienced left me lost in a sea of anger, rage, and sadness. I was cut off from myself, from God, from love, and from light. Every time I consciously love myself now, I return a part of my heart to God’s heart, and to love. It can take time and practice, but it’s possible. Loving yourself can make many of life’s problems seem more manageable and less overwhelming. Wishing you love today and every day. 

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