Living Your Dream

What is your dream for your life? You won’t have to think long to know what it is. I imagine that you know exactly what your dream for your life is. It might be too scary to think about, or too big to dare to say, or seem too unimportant, but your dream for your life is extremely valuable. It makes you who you are. I believe that following your dream for your life is a big part of why you’re here.

It can be scary to take steps towards your dream, but it doesn’t have to be debilitatingly so. Write it down. Make a vision board. Pray for guidance. Take baby steps towards it. It does not have to be selfish to follow your dream. A soul living out its divine urge is only good for humanity, especially when that soul urge can uplift others. 

Start small. Start by being who you are dreaming of being, and your dream will create itself. This is the be-do-have paradigm that I’ve learned about in Conversations with God and elsewhere. All things are created from being, not the other way around. Begin by embodying (BE) the person you believe you will be, take action (DO) from that place, and you will HAVE your dream! Wishing that your dreams come true for you.

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