Raising Your Vibration

To live in a high vibration means to be connected to your true heart- to love, joy, and peace. When I think of raising my vibration I think of times when I’ve felt very happy and free. It didn’t have much to do with my external surroundings. It mostly had to do with how much I was connecting my heart to the heart of God, and how much I was letting go of behaviors and thought patterns that distanced me from that peace.

The truth of you, your soul and essence, already lives at a high vibration. How can you connect to your original God self? Different things work for different people. It always helps me to pray and meditate. It helps me to get an energy healing. There are many people in my daily life who don’t believe in energy healing. I simply like to think of it as a shower for your energetic body. You get dirt and grime on yourself and take a shower. Likewise, you can get emotional and energetic buildup from all kinds of things in your daily world and need a Reiki treatment or energy healing. They can be so powerful and have truly helped me on many points of my journey. Aside from prayer, meditation and energy healing, it helps me to pay attention to any unhealthy thought patterns and let them go. It also helps me to eat healthy, “clean” foods as much as possible.

Living from a high vibration can feel amazing. It can put you in touch with who you’re meant to be, and who you truly are. In our world that can seem so far from peace, it can also help build peace. Your connection to source and love can also help others connect to their own source and love. I wish you a high vibration of love today and every day.