Paying Attention to What you Pay Attention to

This weekend I went down a YouTube wormhole and watched some videos that I ended up finding a little scary. I even woke up last night being afraid of them, and it took me some time to fall back asleep. Even though I do sometimes enjoy watching “scary” things, and I’m all for everyone watching whatever they feel like watching, it can help to watch things that expand on your highest and best states and don’t create fear. 

I try to make conscious choices about what kind of media I consume. As I’ve written before, I try to read positive news (like Daily Good and the Good News Network) every day to balance out the negatively-focused regular news. When I watch television shows I try to make sure they’re focused on the positive side of life. I recently subscribed to Gaia TV since it offers more options for positive/spiritual shows, and so far I’m enjoying it. I also love to read spiritual books as much as I love to read all kinds of fiction, and find them to be really heart-expanding and uplifting.

It’s not about rules and saying what a person can and can’t consume. I’ve dated people who were told to only watch certain kinds of TV by their religion and found that to be very constricting. It’s about making conscious choices from your own free will that help you live the life you truly wish to live. I’ve made these choices because I’ve experienced the other side, and find consuming more positive media helps me to remain in a more peaceful state in my daily life. I also know how easily scared I can get, like I did this weekend, and don’t like putting myself in those situations if I don’t have to.

What kinds of books, TV, and news do you like to consume? 

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