Returning to Center

This morning I got a little off kilter. Toddler needs, morning routines, and a dollop of mild family drama conspired to tilt me off balance. I know I’m off balance when I am feeling anxious, distracted, and sad. My breathing gets shallow and my body tenses. When I notice I’m doing this, I have some practices that help me return to my center and find peace. Here are my favorites.

Breathing – Breathing calmly and deeply, even for just a few breaths, helps me calm immediately. It just takes a moment to check in and pay attention to your breath. Slow down and breathe with intention. Feel your mental clouds clear. You can even try this now. How do you feel? 

Intentional Movement – This is a practice that can be done while you’re still going about your chores and your day. No one else even has to know that you’re practicing intentional movement! This is when I pay attention to what my body is doing. I bring awareness into each part of my body as I engage in my daily routines. Drinking water, washing dishes, feeding the birds, working with children, driving, taking my daughter to school, typing – all of these are times when I can be present in my body and intentional in my movements. It’s very centering and grounding. It just takes awareness.

Prayer and Affirmations – When I get out of my center it helps to pray or say affirmations that help release my worries and embrace the goodness of the universe. Some of my favorites are: All is well in my world I am supportedI am lovedGod loves meI love myself. I usually just make them up as I feel called to. What prayers and affirmations do you like? 

Those are some of my go-to centering practices. Of course, the first task is to notice when you’re off center! That takes practice, and I still work on it.

Hope you have a beautiful, calm, and happy day.

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