Where does Healing end and Spirituality begin?

When I began healing, I did not set out to become a spiritual person. I only wanted to feel my heart and heal myself. My years of sadness after my trauma and childhood had left me lost, and I wanted to be happy from the inside – happy for real. Somehow, along the way, unintentionally, my journey to heal brought me to God. 

How did that happen? I’ve come to believe that healing and God are very closely related. When we heal, we are trying to make ourselves whole again. Healing happens when we allow love back into all parts of ourselves. Healing happens when we connect our small heart to the Big Heart of God. When I was lost and wishing to feel my heart, I now believe I was simply trying to feel God in my heart. 

As you may have gathered, I am not a bible thumper. I’m half Jewish, half Christian, and I love and respect all religions. But I had an experience of God that wowed me and changed my life, and I have never been the same. My experience of God brought about true healing into my life, the healing I had been yearning for. The healing that I try to pass along to others. 

Walk towards healing, and you will get God. Walk towards God, and you will get healing. They are kin, and they are your true nature. 

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