The Spirituality Escape

It’s easy to want to escape into the world of spirituality. Things are much more beautiful in the realm of pure being. Love abounds and peace is ever present. When I first found out that there was a spiritual reality and was able to connect to it, I wanted to stay there forever. I didn’t like the “real world” at all in comparison, with its cruelty, harshness, environmental degradation, and inequality. 

At first, I didn’t know that I was being unbalanced. One of the confidantes who helped me after my experience told me forthright – “you have a great spiritual ability, but you aren’t being very balanced about it. It can be an escape.” How can a person stay present in daily life while being aware of the spiritual side of life? It takes a lot of practice!

The most helpful practices are those that allow me to be present in my body. This has been a lifelong effort due to the trauma I experienced and my tendency to leave my body mentally and dissociate. It’s helped me to do mind-body movement, or any exercise that I enjoy and have time for. Currently I like to walk, do pilates, and do some yoga. Feeling my feet on the floor, just literally bringing my awareness to the bottom of my feet as they come into contact with the ground, is very beneficial.

Of course, breathing is huge to stay present! It’s probably the simplest practice for this. I simply breathe in and out while paying attention to my breath. I also like to practice walking barefoot in the grass or in the dirt, a practice that’s called “Earthing.” I always just thought it was called “walking barefoot in the grass,” but apparently there’s a lot of research behind this practice and its benefits. Try it and see how you feel!

The spiritual world is beautiful and amazing, and I believe it’s our true reality. I also believe we were born on this planet to bring our spirits into our bodies and experience our divine selves in the physical realm. Keep your sacred spiritual practices alive, and bring them into the world. You can create lots of healing and change that way.

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