What God Means to Me

I spend some time on this blog writing about God. God is a big word about which many people have many feelings and beliefs. It can be hard for me to use that word and know it may mean different things to different people. Mostly, I don’t want my use of the word to turn people off or away, because it can be a heavy word, and because many people have had difficult experiences with religion in childhood and beyond.

I was raised at a religious crossroads, having three major religious and spiritual traditions at different points in my life – Judaism from my dad, Christianity from my mom, and Native American Spirituality from my stepdad. I am grateful for these traditions and the people who shared them with me. 

And I am grateful for my own life-changing experience of God. Because of this experience, and because of the worlds I was raised among, when I write about God I mean ~ love, wholeness, completeness, peace, and joy. God is everything all together. God is in my heart. God is in your heart. God feels beautiful. God feels good. God feels safe. God is in me. God is in you. 

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