Loving Yourself

“Include yourself among those you love” – Conversations with God

Did you love yourself today? It can seem easy (or not) to say “Sure, I love myself,” but what does that mean in the day to day workings of a life? In the in-between moments and unremarkable days? Learning to love yourself takes time. It’s not just a feeling. It’s also a state of being that will ripple out into the world around you. It’s hard to stay in bad situations when you love yourself as God loves you. 

My journey to self-love is constantly evolving. It took a big leap when I felt the love God had for me, but it still hasn’t been easy to fully love myself. I had been given many opposite messages over the years, and I believed them to my core. It was humbling to feel the love of God and then to see the world I had created for myself, and the world I was living in. 

It would take a near constant effort on my part of feel that love in every moment. When I remember to, I try. I connect to it. I pray. Prayer and truly connecting to God in my heart in help a lot. A lot of the time life takes over and I get busy and stressed. But each moment counts, and each time I love myself, I can love myself a little more. 

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