It’s the Little Things

Recently, I ran into a friend who recounted something I’d said to her ten years earlier when she told me she was entering recovery. I didn’t remember this conversation, but apparently I’d really buoyed her spirit by a comment I’d made when she was still shaky about becoming sober. I’d said something along the lines of “people in recovery at the nicest people!” She said it was the kindest thing to hear during a difficult time in her life, and I didn’t even remember saying it!

It brings me to think about all the small things we say to other people that we don’t even think about. I know for me, hearing something kind and loving another person says to me can make me feel warm and fuzzy for days. It is so nice to hear loving words, and it’s so nice to say them to others. Even if you never know about the effect of your words, or if you find out ten years later as I did, the kindness matters, and can change hearts. Conversely, saying hurtful words can do the opposite. They can sting others, leading to more unhappiness for them and for those around them.

Say something kind to someone today, stranger or friend, and let it ripple out into the world.

All my love.

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