Living in Peace

I’m back! I missed blogging for a few days last week because my toddler daughter poured water on my computer. Luckily it could be fixed and now I’m able to write again!

I’ve been thinking about the years after I had my experience with God. When it first happened, I thought I needed to become a very holy person. In the traditions in which I had been raised, only very special people had experiences with God, and they were usually perfect people. It’s taken years for me to learn that God is for everyone, everyone can be close to God, and everyone can have an experience of God. 

Still, I can tell the days, weeks, and months when I am closer or farther from God’s reality. I can tell when I’m closer because I’m able to feel peace, love, joy and all of the beautiful things that come from God. I can tell when I’m farther away because I’m worrying, stressed, unhappy, and grumpy. It’s what people talk about when they speak about “raising your vibration,” because that is what it feels like. It feels like walking on air. I’ve felt true joy and peace and had the holiest of times while living in very run down apartments and in the middle of what would seem to be externally imperfect surroundings. And yet, my heart had peace and I felt free.

My stepfather called being on God’s path being on the Red Road. It meant you were on your right path. Doors opened for you. Things clicked. You were living your right life. It is a beautiful way to live. Sometimes it eludes me, and sometimes it is easy.

It helps when I get still and clear my mind. It helps when I pray. It helps when I don’t drink any wine or alcohol. It helps when I eat a clean diet. It helps when I can be in nature. It helps when I listen to what my heart is telling me. Then the air clears and I can feel the peace of God which is light and free. 

I hope you can feel connected to your heart and to God today. It’s for you.

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