The Right Time

As I’ve come to believe in God and in a Divine aspect to our lives, I’ve started to believe in the power of timing. I don’t think timing is something we have control over- at least not consciously, for most of us. Divine timing is something that seems to make things happen in the right way at the right time, even if we can’t always see it in the moment.

Sometimes things seem to happen late, or not at all, or happen too early. But in the end, it’s all happening in divine timing. I can’t claim to understand why this is true, but I have experienced it in my own life, over and over again.

Is there something you’re waiting for? Is there something you’re praying for? Sometimes conditions have to be just right for it to come about. Maybe your heart needs more time to be prepared, maybe something around you needs to change. You can’t force something to happen before its time. Like a seed growing into a flower, a fruit, a tree – you can’t force the seed to grow before it’s ready. It just has to unfold. It needs the right amount of sunlight and water, and then it can blossom at the perfect time.

I believe the same is true for you. It is all going to happen at the perfect time, whatever it is you’ve been waiting and praying for. In God’s time.

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